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Better Cities In A Minute

UrbanPIE is India’s first and only bite-sized digital content platform for urban solutions and innovations.

To become a $10 trillion economy by 2030, India will need to spend $700 billion on infrastructure in cities

India's economy is currently worth $3 trillion and is likely to reach $10 trillion in GDP by 2030. More than two-thirds of Indian GDP is generated by cities. Since 2014, India's government has spent more than $160 billion on urban infrastructure to improve the quality of life in cities.


Between 2021 and 2031, India would require an additional USD 700 billion in investments to upgrade its urban infrastructure. A wide range of services would be available to citizens, including mobility, housing, water, sanitation, environment, and smart infrastructure amongst others.

Mumbai City
Green Buildings

Innovations can reduce costs, save time, improve experience, and create opportunities for cities, startups, businesses and citizens

Innovation is about implementing ideas that result in improved solutions to problems. It includes developing new products or services and improving existing systems and procedures. It reduces costs while providing value. It can help reduce waste, improve corporate processes, boost customer satisfaction, and improve the citizen experience. Technology can help spur innovation.


A study found that AI can save governments up to 30% of their time by automating tasks. This might save you a lot of money.

There’s either too much information or too little information, finding right innovations at right time is challenging

In an age of information overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right information. There are reports, images, films, audios, codes, and other material. It's difficult to sort through all the info and find what you need. It is a lengthy and laborious process.


The inability to obtain timely information causes cities to spend inefficiently and miss out on opportunities to innovate. It increases government expenditure and leads to inefficiency in city operations and management.

Image by Sherise VD
Image by Nick Fewings

We bring you most significant solutions and innovations for cities in just 60-second videos and 60-word articles

Global attention spans are shrinking in an age of information. Fast moving consumer content, like short videos and short articles, is better absorbed by viewers.


People remember 95% of what they watch on video versus 10% when they read it. A good platform can help cities identify better and cheaper solutions from other cities, startups and other organisations. It improves government efficiency and helps cities perform better.

Storytelling in 60 seconds for people who want more in less time.

Global and Indian urban solutions and innovations at your fingertips.

One-stop shop for fresh ideas to make cities better and smarter.

Community of cities, startups, CSRs, NGOs, citizens and more.

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