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This Lithium-Ion Battery Stayed Alive In The Extreme Cold

Lithium ion batteries
Improved lithium ion batteries

Researchers have found a new way to improve lithium-ion batteries by changing the material of the negative plate. By heating a cobalt-containing compound to high temperatures, they were able to produce small, bumpy carbon dodecahedra that grab onto lithium ions better than the flat graphite negative plate.


When they tested their battery, they found that it worked extremely well in frigid temperatures, as low as minus 31°F. Even after over 200 cycles of discharging, charging, and recharging, this battery kept up its performance. Despite this, the material may have limited practical application, as it requires a complicated synthesis route.


This is the catch. As with many materials, trying to actually create more of these tiny carbon orbs is a challenge. Not helping matters is that the cobalt compound is rather expensive. On the other hand, this research may be helpful for very specific applications.


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