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By 2050, 7 out of 10 persons in world will live in cities.

The infrastructure to support them is struggling to keep up.

The world is becoming more urbanised every day, and the challenges that come with it are only going to get bigger.

 Great Cities Engages Citizens

Without the buy-in and support of citizens,

massive investments in infrastructure may fail to achieve desired impact.

Citizen participation and ownership can make cities work better for everyone.

Investors and entrepreneurs can bring efficiency in public goods and services.

More evolved cities engage and mobilise civil society and city stakeholders.

The key question, then, is how to involve citizens,

seek their support, mobilise civil society and

leverage private sector expertise and investments

to build better cities.

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."

Robert McKEE

The secret to success lies in


 In the Age of Society 5.0,

how citizens consume information is


Videos are an effective way of complex topics and messages, with viewers retaining up to 95% of the content,

as opposed to 10% when reading text.

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular as compared to traditional media such as print, radio and television.

55% of people watch online videos every day.

Advertisers spend 66% on digital campaigns.

India has 750 million plus smartphone users.

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